Magical Woo Woo

I will teach you how to connect with AMAZING magical energies but also how to protect yourself, your friends, families, jobs etc and get this planet and energies working for you so there is easier flow for you.

So what exactly can this help you with?

Oh So many Things Darling Heart!

 Better Sleep
 Clear that foggy head
 Clearer thoughts
 Better health
♥ Health
♥ Connection
Better relationships

A sense of calm and knowing that someone always has your back
Can you imagine chatting to your friend and she says, no matter what, little Bobby just can’t sleep and you say OMG…. I know just what he needs.

Or someone keeps getting sick or just plain old bad luck after bad luck. Imagine breaking a generational curse? Cool huh?

Here's what you get

It’s a 3 session fun and safe workshop.

I will introduce you to your guardian angels, energy shifts colour therapy as well as crystal therapy. The list is extensive.

Oh I just have to interrupt this because I just got a message: Are you or anyone in your family having problems with food? I will teach you what your body wants or needs or can’t have through Bio feedback. GOLD huh?

This is obviously worth a shit load, but, I am so sick of Netflix and I know you must be eager to learn something new that won’t just help you out personally, but your friends, family and clients.

    So How Much?

    Total Value of this course is $397

    But this is so powerful I don’t want anyone missing out so for you Darling Heart we have reduced this to a no brainer $9.95 to get started.