Practitioner Training

With Emma Romano

Creator, trainer, mentor and alchemist to your transformation.

4 Pillars of Success

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TimeLine Reset

If you are a practitioner or wanting to be a practitioner and looking for the most powerful tool to remove trauma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs from your client, TimeLine Reset is the  process that will get you confident results every time!

Delete Reset

 Delete Reset is the ultimate process for deleting & healing deep core unhealthy habits and addictions. Delete Reset works with the conscious mind, unconscious mind, energy levels, body cellular structure, and at a metaphysical level. It creates spontaneous healing and permanent results.

Freedom Family Protocol

The Family Freedom Protocol is a one-of-a-kind Practitioner training program, which gives you a step-by-step system on how to take clients from a stuck state into a thriving state in 8 powerful sessions.

My Approach

As an International Self-Healing Coach, Business Mentor & Trainer, my souls’ mission is to raise the vibration & frequency of humanity through supporting Healers to become thriving Practitioners!

I do this through my extensive experience with clients and Practitioners and has created deep modalities that use the ‘5 dimension-method’ which works very uniquely to any other modalities & methods out there.

I have spoken across globally, spreading the message of peace, self-healing, and trauma release and bringing awareness to these new modalities available within our multiple programs: The Family Freedom Protocol, Relationship Sovereignty, Practitioner Sovereignty, Delete Reset and TimeLine Reset.

My expertise is in treating clients with debilitating emotions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and limiting beliefs, using my own creation Timeline Reset, Hypnotherapy, Energy Work, and Life Coaching. With these modalities I am able to get to the very core issue of the client’s problem and facilitate their self-healing process.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with the debilitating disease of MS, which lead to chronic fatigue, and had me looping in fear and depression. After hearing from multiple medical professionals that I should prepare myself to get ready for a wheelchair, I decided to seek my own answers and take matters into my own hands. And after years of extensive study and research, I devised a program for
clients and therapists to share these powerful tools of self-healing with YOU.

I am on a mission with spreading my powerful message globally; that working with the conscious and unconscious mind at a soul level using many different therapies is crucial if people are serious about overcoming their illness and blockages and truly desire to live a life of health and happiness.