What is Practitioner Sovereignty?

The Soul mission of Practitioner Sovereignty is to raise the vibration and frequency of humanity through supporting healers with the most cutting-edge modalities to become Masterful and thriving Practitioners.

This program is a full package:

  • From idea
  • To how to launch
  • To all the processes you need to facilitate world class results with your clients
  • To attract consistent high quality paying clients
  • To a life of soul purpose and creating wealth

Practitioner Sovereignty is designed to have you embody all the confidence, skills, tools, and internal resources needed to facilitate real and lasting change with your clients and yourself whilst simultaneously allowing you to create a thriving coaching business.

Practitioner Sovereignty

Finance options available to eligible participants starting at $57 a week. Want to explore your finance options?  Simply contact us and we can start the process.


“Wow. Totally amazing! I have a new sense of worthiness for myself and my relationships. It is 100% life changing, it gives you a new purpose. I am so grateful for our journey together. I felt honoured & supported. I feel different in so many ways and so excited to live my life to the fullest without carrying around the shame of who I am. I am going to share my gifts with the world!”

Kylie F

“Wow, what a week. I am so relaxed for the first time in a very long time. My gut, my whole body feels so different. Safe, calm & relaxed. Thank you Emma for your teaching, leading, guidance and support. Thank you to everyone in the group for holding space, loving and supporting our growth & healting. Looking forward to seeing what comes forth from this week. “


“Since I’ve learned what I learned, everything has changed. The skills I learnt on communication alone have been a game changer for me. It really needs to be taught to every single human being in the world. We actually had an adult conversation because I led by being a queen not a princess. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions and I’ve surrendered. I can’t believe how different things are inside of me, it’s so good!”

Emma M