Are you ready to be a Master?

Family Freedom Protocol Masters is structured in a way to ACTIVATE your business, anchor you deeply in your purpose and take your abundance and time freedom to the next level as a practitioner.

Family Freedom Protocol Masters is for the serious Practitioner, it catapults you and your clients into a radically new frequency and reality. This is the program designed to make you a masterful practitioner, who stands out to your clients as the go-to person in your chosen field.

“As a practitioner it helps you dive deeper into what’s holding you back, in a beautiful, supporting & safe space & group of souls that are loving, caring, supportive & ready to pick you up.” – Amal

The Benefits and key learning systems of Family Freedom Protocol Masters

Understand the Dynamics of families and how they play out

How to create the space for families to understand each other so they can return to love and harmony

Understand the unique Learning systems and how to recognise them in your clients to get profound results

Compassion languages and how to speak them

Learn to recognise Unconditional vs conditional love and how to shift clients into unconditional love

Powerful Forgiveness processes

Deep anger/hatred release and love activation


Dissolving anchors in the home and workplace to create a thriving environment for your clients

Are you ready to become a Master Practitioner?

You will be able to facilitate real change with your clients in half the time, and work with groups and whole families confidently.

This program teaches you how to do a complete rewiring of belief systems that have been distorting realities until now, and a rewiring of them to a state of thriving in all areas of life, not just for your clients, but for you as a Master Practitioner.

This Program is specifically designed to help you heal the deeper layers of your unconscious mind, unresolved trauma and master your personal beliefs systems and emotional landscape for yourself and your clients.

Here, you will go deep into the somatics of the body which allows you to facilitate a space of deep healing in the nervous system for your clients.

In this program you learn how to plug the human into the infinite potential of the higher self and quantum field. This is where the magic happens, and manifestations become more instantaneous.

Ultimately, this program has you become a client magnet, because you are an embodiment to the philosophies and practices of The Family Freedom Protocol & Timeline Reset at a master level.

This is something your client unconsciously looks for in you as a practitioner because your client wants to know you have already walked a mile in their shoes, and came out the other side thriving.

This is the key to eliminating Imposter Syndrome.

Family Freedom Protocol Masters consists of:

1 x 4 Day LIVE Event that includes a FULL Day of Business mentoring & Business Activation.

(You have the choice to travel to the destination or join from anywhere in the world online via zoom. There is no extra cost to attend the in-house live event.)

  • A deep breathwork process either at the LIVE event or via online immersion
  • Full emotional support throughout the 4-Day event from Emma & her crew
  • You will be given the exact formula on ‘how to run’ small to large groups in any capacity with LIVE demonstrations & Interventions.
    (These tools can be transferred to a family setting or a group of 1000 people. The choice is yours)
  • ALL Business Templates a practitioner requires to set up & run a thriving practice at Masters Level
  • Client visuals & client workbook
  • Full confidence in delivery and knowledge
  • Certification in Family Freedom Protocol, Family Freedom Protocol Masters & Timeline Reset
  • ALL Scripts & Manual to facilitate successful & transformative Coaching Session
  • Multiple Live demonstrations & Interventions on how to shift trauma from the body
  • Learn how to remove blocks, curses, karmic blocks, hexes and spells
  • Learn to Anchor higher frequencies, so you can live the life of freedom, success, money, heart and mind freedom for yourself & your clients.
  • Private Facebook support group with lifetime access

How to create your Soul Tribe, set up your business for success, monetise your following, and how to maintain it.


3 x 1-1 sessions with a Practitioner Sovereignty expert which you can come to with personal problems and/or questions about the processes.

We hand hold you all the way in your integration period.

1 x sessions with a Kinesiologist or an energy healer

Live group Practitioner & Business Mentoring on the 24th of
each month with Emma Romano

Ultimately, this program has you become a client magnet, because you are an embodiment to the philosophies and
practices of The Family Freedom Protocol & Timeline Reset at a master level.

Family Freedom Protocol
Masters Level Training

Finance options available to eligible participants starting at $41 a week. Want to explore your finance options?  Simply contact us and we can start the process.