Welcome to Dragon Activations

This is a divine space of pure Prosperity & Spiritual activation.

A space where you will be introduced, welcomed and supported by the beautiful and ever loving Ormana Clan and Lumrah Clan.

There are no judgements and no ego, no hierarchy, just a place of no space and no time and delving into another frequency of simply letting go and allowing to let be.

The Ormana Clan are a very wise and compassionate clan that was created
by 12 very advanced activators. They hold a frequency that is all about releasing what is not working for you and receiving the good, the amazing and the full benefits of self-acceptance, love and wealth.

The Lumrah Dragon Clan are pink and soft and so gentle on the eye with a fierce and insatiable appetite to help humans find their joy. They simply don’t give up. Unfortunately, it is the humans who forget about them, or are so caught up in the scarcity frequency that they simply cannot feel them.

So how did I meet these amazing Clans?

Well, it’s been a long time coming. A beautiful journey.

Sit back, with a cuppa and let me tell you….

I have always had some kind of fascination with Dragons, fairies, angels etc.
It was back in 2019 that I was in my business partner, Shani-Faye Chambers lounge room in Perth, and she said to me, you have this gorgeous red dragon beside you.

That is when it all started, I named her Ruby.
I didn’t see Ruby as Shani saw her, I let my imagination go wild, and I pretended to see this gorgeous Ruby Dragon…..
The more I pretended to see her, the more calm my body became, and the more my mind started easing.

I started using Ruby in my healing space with clients, and I would feed her their problems.
Ruby would munch away, transmute the problem into something in a far higher frequency that the client could handle.

So, I decided to go on a deep journey of discovering the Dragon frequency.
I worked with 2 highly regarded mentors that are high frequency and would support me in this journey.

And now it’s time for you to step into your own dragon frequency starting with one of my Dragon Activations below:

Once you have downloaded your Free Ormana Clan Dragon Prosperity Activation Or you Free Lumrah Spiritual Dragon Activation  and stepped into the higher frequency, support your journey for the next 21 days to stay in this high vibration.

Our 21-Day Activation Support program is designed to help you integrate these high level Prosperity frequencies and to keep you elevated in this delicious vibration.

With daily activities, affirmations and energetic support channeled through the Ormana Dragon Clan, this program aims to keep you on track to creating Prosperity in self-acceptance, health, wealth and love in your life.

Choose your own adventure!

You can choose to pay $22, $44 or $66 for the beautiful Ormana Clan Dragon Prosperity Activation support program.

Or you can choose to pay $33, $66 or $99 for the Lumrah Spiritual Dragon Activation

Simply update your quantity to 1, 2 or 3. 

It is completely up to you and what feels right for you. No pressure, just full acceptance and love.