The Ultimate Practitioner Certification For

Addiction Healing

The Delete Reset process was developed after years of Emma personally being a prisoner to wine, sugar, carbs, and cigarettes…..

Emma had tried so many things and paid over $20,000 in 2 years to stop her daily habit of a bottle of wine a night ….. which sometimes became 2 bottles and then a plate of pasta or McDonalds to sober up.

Nothing was working long term. Whenever Emma was having a month or two off the addictions, during that time it was a mind torture. She could not stop thinking of what she was giving up and was in a constant inner turmoil.

On the morning 17th of November 2019, Emma had had enough and decided to pull all of her training and know-how together, and she asked for Divine Intervention, for the energy of the highest source to step in and help.

This was the moment Delete Reset was channelled into reality

Since this day, Emma has not touched a cigarette or a drop of alcohol. She is a super clean eater and has used this process to drop over 16 kilos and her life has catapulted into a place of self-love, creativity, a thriving career, and wealth she could only have dreamt of.

And the best part? Emma no longer craves or desires the old shit that was poisoning her system.

What is Delete Reset?


Delete Reset is the ultimate process for deleting deep core unhealthy habits and addictions.

Delete Reset works with the conscious mind, unconscious mind, energy
levels, body cellular structure, and at a metaphysical level.

It finds the deep root cause from an addiction or habit and removes it from the entire physical and energetic self.

It not only deletes the problem, but it also deletes the turmoil in your head around the problem.

After completing Delete Reset, it is ‘as if’ you have never craved or even eaten or drank or smoked or partaken in the problem or habit.

Because you will replace the issue with many different healthy alternatives to create inner peace and harmony within your body.

This process is equally effective face-to-face or over zoom.

Delete Reset

Is taught through a series of short videos and PDFs

What you get

Full video training in the Timeline Reset process, the number 1 process for clearing negative emotions, limiting beliefs and trauma.

Full Scripting and Support

Full Business Model

All client handouts, intake forms, terms and conditions plus coaching agreements

30 day support system for your clients

Certification as an International Delete Reset Practitioner

Lifetime access to the empowering Facebook Group

Live group mentoring on the 24th of each month

Buddy to practice with, which keeps you accountable.


  • Business set up
  • Marketing ideas and plans
  • Pricing
  • Magnetising clients
  • Social Media Post prompts
  • Scripting for 15-minute calls to get your clients over the line
  • Troubleshooting with the possible client excuses of not signing up to your program
  • Welcome emails to your clients
  • Reminder emails and text scripts to your client
  • 1 x 1-1 sessions with a Practitioner Sovereignty expert

The Ultimate Practitioner Certification For Addiction Healing

Finance options available to eligible participants starting at $34 a week.
Want to explore your finance options? Simply contact us and we can start the process.