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Detox Overwhelm in 7 Steps

  1. The Magic of Positive Language: Harness the transformative power of positivity by swapping negative words with uplifting ones, sparking a chain reaction of beneficial changes in your life

  2. Mapping the Landscape of Overwhelm: Stand tall against the tide of challenges by identifying and marking each overwhelming factor, setting the stage for your epic saga of triumph

  3. Leaping Beyond Fear: Summon the courage to defy the abyss of judgement, using the power of fearless decision-making to propel yourself into a realm of limitless possibilities

  4. The Grand Transformation: Change the script of your life’s movie by altering your body language, shifting from a narrative of despair to a triumphant tale of action and joy

  5. And much more…

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What is TimeLine Reset?

If you are a practitioner or wanting to be a practitioner and looking for the most powerful tool to remove trauma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs from your client, TimeLine Reset is the  process that will get you confident results every time!

(NOTE: This is NOT NLP Timeline Therapy) 

Emma created this process for clients who had severe PTSD & trauma and were getting no results with traditional therapy and regression therapies.

TimeLine Reset is also the process that is used in the UK police force & for military with PTSD and for clients with anger issues, anxiety and depression. This is an online program that you learn in your own time that will take the emotional charge out of past events without having to revisit the trauma. TimeLine Reset is a gentle but the most effective way of clearing negative emotions from past events that are holding back clients in their day to day living.

TimeLine Reset clears Toxic emotions and limiting beliefs, so clients lives can thrive in:


Emma has taught this process to hundreds of therapists all over the Globe

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Are you ready to clear the emotions and beliefs that are holding your clients, friends and family back?

This is how to become a Successful Trauma Reset Expert,

Living Your Life by Your True Purpose & Passion……Without it Taking Months or Years

What you get

TimeLine Reset is a complete system for your clients, whether you are already a practitioner or wanting to become a practitioner, this is a business in a box, with ongoing training, mentoring and support unlike any other program out there. 

Video training including demonstrations, with step-by-step instructions for you to take your clients through a 4 session program, plus a full manual & scripts
24/7 access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other TimeLine Reset practitioners, ask questions, access resources, bonus trainings, find a training partner and receive ongoing support
Do it in your own time! No pressure. You have the power of the pause and play buttons and lifetime access to the recordings so that you can do the training at your own pace.
Monthly live Q&A sessions with Emma Romano on zoom, where she provides answers to your questions, mentoring, further education, additional tips, demonstrations and support
Business & marketing support – How to get clients, how to promote yourself on social media, social media lives and posts, how to run your business from anywhere in the world, how to create a successful referral-based business
Learn how to take groups through TimeLine Reset
All your business forms, client Intake forms, coaching agreements, infographic PDF handouts for your client to keep

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