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Imagine if there was a way to authentically know that you can make significant improvements in your lifestyle, creating a life of freedom & joy?

Family Freedom Protocol

The Family Freedom Protocol is a 15 step, life-changing system proven to create more Harmony & Connection with the entire family.

Self Healing

When your thoughts & unconscious mind is aligned with your intention & actions to heal yourself, miraculous results can achieved.

Forensic Healer

Discover the Power of Healing to create more fulfilment, energy and joy into your life, because you deserve it and more!

Meet Emma

Coach, Speaker, Wife & Mother of 2 Teens
Emma Romano

Emma Romano

Family Freedom & Self Healing Coach

Certified Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy & Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Certified Coach & Speaker

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Here is what others had to say about Emma
Wendy Gadsby

Wendy Gadsby

Hypnotherapy Practice

I was one of the first group to train in Emma Romano's online certification of the Family Freedom Protocol (FFP) a few months ago.
To be honest, I wasn't too sure if it was going to be a good fit to add into my hypnotherapy practice. It definitely was. I'm very glad I signed up and now use the process regularly.

Suzanne Dwyer

Suzanne Dwyer

Mother of 3

"We came to Emma following a major family upset and she took each one of us under her wing and nurtured us. She gave us the opportunity to express ourselves and gave us the tools to heal, both on a family level and as individuals. Needless to say, our home is once again a place of peace, harmony and respect.""

Bridgette Halstead

Bridgette Halstead

Online Entrepreneur

"With Emma's help, I have been able to socialise more, make big decisions on my own accord and learn how to love myself again. I would recommend Emma to anyone who needs help in any area of their life. She truly is a gifted woman and will do anything to help you get your result! Thank you Em!!"


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