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Magnetic Money Maker

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    Want to be a 
    Magnetic Money Maker?

    I have created a 3 hour workshop on resetting limiting and negative belief systems around money...
    ....with a little bit of woo woo!

    Did you know that what ever you believe you will prove it right?
    So, if your bank account is not reflecting what you are wishing for, your belief systems around money are limiting you.

    So how do we change those belief systems?
    Isn’t noticing and being aware of them the change?
    What about daily affirmations ?

    This is why affirmations and awareness is not enough.

    Belief systems are parked deep in the unconscious mind and at a cellular level.

    In this 3 hour workshop, I take the abundance yearners through the strongest process to safely and instantly correct these beliefs, and elevate into a much higher frequency to attract and create a healthier relationship with wealth. I also take the participants through a deep process in cutting cords to poverty and struggle.

    Here is why what I do is different:

    I use the 5 dimensions of the human form to get instant change.
    So what are these?

    🌹The Conscious mind
    🏺The Unconscious mind
    🎈Energy level
    🧬Celluar and DNA level
    💎Soul level

    So, if you are ready to make a shit-tonne more money, just by changing your thought forms and beliefs, cutting ties with curses, spells and spiritual contracts, join me!

    The live recording for this event was done in October with over 50 participants, and the success stories since have been incredible!

    What you get:

    • A welcome email with all the links and info you need to access the workshop video recording and resources
    • Access to the Magnetic Money Maker facebook group where you can access all your course information, interact with other participants, see the testimonials of success that others are having around money since the workshop

    • A 13-page printable Magnetic Money Maker workshop workbook to follow along with the video and do the exercises
    • A 21-Day Activation Program workbook to keep you on track and inspired after the workshop

    All this for just $111!! 

    And not only that, but you can watch it over and over whenever you need a reminder of your Magnetic magnificence!

    Need more convincing?

    Check out these wins from the Magnetic Money Maker participants:

    "Day 7 - signed up a $10k client yesterday! This stuff really works!!" - Christine

    "It may not seem much to most but to me it’s huge..I only earn about $700 a week & have always lived pay day to pay day (even when I used to earn more).. Money has always just gone in one hand & out the other & ive never been able to save.. Today was pay day & I still had nearly $500 in my bank before my pay went in...A win in my eyes.." - Kelly

    "I would love to share a big win. I had a client sign up to the biggest ticket 1 - 1 program today that I have. Woohoo!" - Karine

    "Since doing this program last week I have had back to back clients and I have worked into the night giving clients Healings. On one day I had alone $2000 go into my bank account, I sold my signature program that day as well. Next week I am booked out again. I'm loving this journey, Thank you Emma" - Donna

    "Sold a 4 session program 1 hour after workshop $1250 boom" - Emma M


    So, if you're ready to step into a higher vibration, to release your energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, negative emotions and all of the other crap that gets in the way of you creating the wealth you deserve in your life and start believing in yourself....

    Become a Magnetic Money Maker NOW!