Thrive Mentoring

Join our TRIBE and be part of an evolution of Healing, Love and Growth.

Every fortnight, Conny Wladkowski and I run the Thrive Mentoring Membership Group. Conny is a skilled hypnotherapist and an expert in helping people with anxiety & panic attacks. Together, with our combined skill set, we bring you the Thrive Mentoring program.
It’s a fortnightly live online personal growth forum that promotes self healing and consistency. It’s such a beautiful gift to yourself and the perfect time to invest in yourself and family!
  • Learn specific tools on how to change for the better.
  • Have a Massive ripple effect through out your Family, Friends and Environment.
  • Best part is that it's all online in the Comfort of your own Home.
  • Can be watched Live or as a Replay at your Leisure.
  • Connect with other like-minded people, learn and grow together in a supportive online group
There is a small membership fee of $14 a month (it’s worth $600 a month) Or you can pay up front and it’s only $10 a month!! 
It’s a beautiful group with amazing people!
For more information or to join in, click the link below:


Learn amazing tools to help yourself and others on 5 levels:

  • Conscious Mind
  • Unconscious Mind
  • Energetically
  • Spiritually 
  • Cellular Level

Incorporating a whole range of different modalities to bring you something new and exciting every fortnight:

Energy healing
Spiritual healing
The Science behind and the research of your own psychology
Practical tips


The previous sessions are also there in the group, so you have access to those too, and there is so much content!!  

If this interests you, please click on the link:
Here are the previous sessions ready for you to catch up on:
  • What life is about (it aint all roses, it’s up and down)
  • The 90sec Gap - The science behind fear. How to stop spiraling into anxiety and panic. The square breathing technique. Immune Boosting Hypnosis
  • How do I see my own greatness?
  • How do I use this time to be a better me?
  • Self sabotaging
  • Who am I?
  • Kicking habits
  • How to find your Guardian Angels name by using bio feedback. It's so fun, quick and easy!
  • Mr Money and correcting your relationship with money (the amazing Shani Faye Chambers' work)
  • Healing your inner child
️This is huge work and the reason it is so easily accessible is so that there are no excuses for you to see your greatness! 
For more information or to join in, click the link below: