Soul Business Alignment

Soul Business Alignment Practitioner Training 

5 Week Mentoring Program - Payment Plans Available!

  • Do you have a natural therapy business?
  • Are you struggling to get it off the ground?
  • Are you struggling to find a steady stream of clients without spending money on advertising?
  • Are you scared of what people will say?

The Soul Business Alignment course could be for you! 

POWER PACKED online sessions where the amazing Emma Romano and Shani Faye Chambers walk you through the 4 Levels of Soul Business Alignment ~ to take your business from barely surviving to THRIVING.

  • The Conscious Level - how to show up, engage your audience, mainstream marketing, social media so people can SEE YOU!
  • The Unconscious Level - what limitations do you need to release around money, self worth, judgment, success, failure and much more so you can ATTRACT CLIENTS!
  • The Energy Level - Learn how to tune into the energy of your business, so you can heal it, grow it, vibrationally market, ask it what it needs and discover the innate knowledge of YOUR BUSINESS
  • The Soul Level - Release Karmic Contracts, Curses, Past Life fears and sabotages. Align to your Highest Calling and discover pure magic to make those dreams come true 😍

This online event is unlike anything you have seen before. There’s a reason why Emma and Shani are so bloody successful - it’s because they understand the universal laws and all the ins and outs that allow us to be truly successful.

Dear Friends - we want the same for YOU!

Join Power Houses Shani-Faye Chambers and Emma Romano as they teach you the secrets of success that they have used to take their businesses to the next level ~ constantly evolving and expanding in their careers and organically growing their audiences.

Running a successful Soul based business requires a huge understanding of not just basic conscious marketing - allowing yourself to be seen and putting yourself out there for people to find you! But also deep inner healing, understanding energetic sciences and investigation into your souls unique purpose - so that you can release the limitations that may be holding you back.

Have you ever considered that your niggling self doubt, fears and beliefs around money, or limited self worth could actually be repelling potential clients?
Have you ever considered that you may be holding past life contracts, cords or curses that are inhibiting you from fully stepping up?
Have you ever considered the sheer placement of your office desk could be hindering or expanding the flow (Feng Shui) of business to you?
Have you ever considered that your business is an energetic entity of it own, with its own unique wisdom and innate knowledge to solve its own problems?

In this 2 day Immersion Emma and Shani will teach you the 4 Dimensions of Soul Business Alignment.

  •  Conscious - Getting yourself out there and seen! Marketing tools and strategies, social media posting and showing up to your audience.
  • Unconscious - Let’s take a look into the limiting programming that may be holding you back. Learn to release doubt, fears, limited programming and suppression from your unconscious mind.
  • Energy - Learn how to Heal your relationship with money (it’s just energy after all!) Tune into the energy of your business and ‘talk’ to it for guidance, discover powerful Feng Shui tips to increase your success by 33% and so much more!
  • Soul - Do you reeeeally think this is your first Rodeo? How many times have you been here before, trying to do what you are doing now and it not ended well? Been burnt at the stake, given up your gifts or created ties to dark forces? It’s time to heal past lives of betrayal, corruption, control, sabotage, failure ~ release karmic contracts and accept full creative control for THIS LIFETIME.

All this and so much more will pave the way for you to step dynamically into your power, owning your place in the world as a Warrior of the Light, a Leader in Love and a Powerhouse of Healing 💖

About your Trainers:

Shani-Faye Chambers is a :

  • WA born Energy Healing Expert and International Speaker and Trainer.
  • Owner of The Wellness Chambers.
  • Co-Owner of Rise and Thrive Institute.
  • Adv Diploma of Kinesiology.
  • Pranic Healing.
  • Pranic Psychotherapy.
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, NLP, Timeline Transformations and Life Coach.
  • Creator and Trainer of the Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing.

Her Journey into healing started at age 10 when she did her first Reiki Workshop. She has spent over 16 Years studying many healing modalities and is a very strong believer that we must continually do the work.
She has run her own very successful business for over 6 years and turned to Public Speaking and Teacher Training in 2018 you can read more about her on her personal Facebook page and check out the reviews on her business page The Wellness Chambers.

Emma Romano is a:

  • Melbourne based Self Healing Expert, Author, International Speaker and Trainer.
  • Owner of Heal with Emma Romano.
  • Co-Owner of Rise and Thrive Institute.
  • Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Forensic Healing and Life Coach.
  • Founder and Trainer of Timeline Reset and Family Freedom Protocol.

Her Journey through healing saw her heal herself of MS after being diagnosed in 2014 after becoming partially paralysed and being instructed by doctors to ready herself and home for life in a wheelchair.
Emma took her healing into her owns hands and with extensive study and research is now a shining, vibrant healthy example and proof that ANYONE can thrive and heal when you have the right tools.

You can see more of Emma’s amazing work on her personal Facebook page and business page HypnoSuccess with Emma Romano and Co.

If you want to set your business up for success online or face to face. This is for you.

To join Soul Business Alignment, schedule your free 15 minute chat with Emma by clicking below: