Podcast with Jason
Emma was AWESOME but I've had to listen twice again at normal speed rather than my usual 1.5X just so I could fully appreciate the nuanced elegance of her antipodean expletives! x
Greg and Michael McNair chat this week with International Healer/Therapist Emma Romano. Emma has worked with thousands of families world wide to heal broken families through her Family Freedom protocol. She also teaches and lectures her protocol globally.
Emma has a wealth of knowledge in how the family systems are breaking down due to what men are being told today in relation to what it is to be a man. We discuss the following topics:
What are the attributes of being a man today.
Why there is so much mis-information around toxic masculinity and what is actually toxic - boy and child behaviour.
How our programming and drive for success have created the current problems.
How to balance the masculine and feminine so we all win.
How men are being emasculated in the bedroom and life.
Why women should not accept child and boy behaviour and real masculinity is what they are looking for.
What men can do to step up?
Why men need a tribe/brotherhood
How to not lose your family and repair those broken relationships.