Ormana Clan Dragon Activation

This is a FREE Prosperity activation process for YOU and EVERYONE in the world.

How much??? Nothing, just your time hun.

So what is it?
This is a deep emptying of the blocks around your ability to see your worthiness of being a divine magnet to prosperity.

This is a guided activation, an awakening as such to high frequency codes of Prosperity from the beautiful Ormana Dragon Clan that have been waiting for this moment, for me to get into the  frequency of the Ormana Clan to now share freely their activation magic.

Why Emma?
This brings such tears to my eyes of gratitude and honour.  So why me? Because I have a big mouth, a loud voice and even when shit scares me, I do it anyway.  

What Do I need to do?
Click the link below and pop in your email 

What then? 
You will be sent a link to download all the details, a booklet with visual activation image, and a video link to watch the activation which was held on 8th December 2021 at 8pm (888 numbers!)
This is so exciting and we want you to share this with all your friends and family and build this group to thousands and thousands, to share this beautiful dragon prosperity with the world.

Check this video out to see the story to it: