Family Freedom Protocol

Family Freedom Protocol Practitioner Training 

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The Family Freedom Protocol is a step-by-step system on how to take clients from a stuck state (e.g. anxiety, depression, disconnected, shut down etc.) into a thriving state in just 8 sessions.

If you are already a practitioner, or wanting to be a practitioner, The Family Freedom Protocol may be for you. 

This is why this is so different and why this WORKS!

To get immediate and lasting results, we must work with all 5 dimensions

  • Conscious
  • Unconscious
  • Energy fields
  • Soul level
  • Cellular level

From her years of study and research, and seeing over 1000 clients in her private practice, Emma knows what does and doesn't work. She has put together a program of her most effective tools, including her own life-changing processes, that get real results, and create deep transformational change. 

This is a specialist program that delves deep into finding the core issues of the problem, not just the symptoms, to effect real change. 

Help your client to recognise and understand their patterns, belief systems and their own structure of reality, and how to take responsibility for their own healing.

Incorporating work with the conscious & unconscious mind, NLP techniques, inner child work, forgiveness, energy healing, and so much more.

Learn life-changing and powerful processes including Timeline Reset - the number one most effective tool for releasing trauma, PTSD, negative emotions and limiting beliefs. 

It’s very deep work and Family Freedom Protocol Practitioners are saving lives and families all over the world.

The Family Freedom Protocol is a 4 week, live online interactive workshop. 

Twice a week for 4 weeks, Emma presents her Family Freedom Protocol live, online, where you participate from the comfort of your own home. Learning in a supportive group, how to take clients through her 8 session program, to get effective and powerful change for yourself, your family and your clients.

Can't make it to the live sessions? No problem, they will all be recorded and posted in a private group for you to watch and re-watch at your leisure. 

At the completion of the program, you'll also receive a full manual, a certificate to practice as a Family Freedom Protocol Practitioner, and ongoing support, resources & updated training in a private Facebook group with Emma & other Family Freedom Protocol practitioners, and you'll leave with a set of skills to start seeing clients straight away!

Emma's unique training style, genuine care and support, authenticity, down-to-earth appeal, and no bullshit approach, is what sets her apart from other practitioners and trainers. 

Learn incredible tools to be not just a practitioner, but an amazing practitioner!

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