Drop The Blocks

This is an online step by step, live workshop presented by 2 leading experts who will teach you specific tools for dropping the blocks that are stopping you from feeling and being who you want to be.

A step by step program to DROP the BLOCK!

Are your blocks to do with:

  • Weight
  • Procrastination
  • Stress
  • Overwhelm
  • Business
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Addiction
  • Habits

Once you sign up, you'll be put into a Facebook group called Drop the BLOCK where you will have access to a supported environment with real life help with like minded people.

During the 6 sessions:
You will be taken through specific processes to dig deep and safely remove and DROP any BLOCKS that are no longer serving you.
We will be using the 5 levels of real healing. Using the conscious, unconscious, at an energy level and at a soul and cellular level.

Oh, and just in case you are looking for excuses (blocks), I came up with some for you:

You got excuses - Let me answer them for you

I don’t have time
-If you don’t have 45 minutes once a week, you must be Richard Branson or Oprah, or is this just another block.

I don’t know technology
-If you can read this, you are already on technology which means you know technology. We will also hold your hand, step by step so you become a techno legend.

I don’t have anyone to look after the kids
-Well you in much that you can do this at home whole the mods are running around like crazy. Just think of all the $$ you will save on baby sitting fees. Oh and you can watch the replay at anytime

I can’t afford it.
-It’s $47 you tight arse, maybe prioritising yourself is a BLOCK you need to drop. Or if you are really clever, get the girls around and you can all chip in!

I’ve tried everything.
-ummmm nope, you haven’t done this!

I’m too far away. 
-This is all on line and accessible from all over the world.

I can’t watch it at that time or day
-We upload the live zoom call for your convenience to watch when you are ready.

I don’t have a printer
-That’s ok! Mine doesn’t work either. You can work with what you have and look at your PDF’s on screen or simply use your own pen and paper.

I’ve tried other online programs and they don’t work
-yeah, me too. In fact i hwbs 100’s of them. I bet I can drop that BLOCK 

I don’t want everyone knowing my problem
-We at HypnoSuccess have the amazing ability get what you need without sharing your problem. There is no solution in the problem.

I’m scared of Hypnosis.
-Well, thank goodness we are only doing guided daydreaming then.

I hope that answers any excuses, blocks, reasons or questions.

This is not for everyone. Please only invest in this program if you are looking for deep, long lasting change