We all hold our experiences and emotions in our body.  We may not consciously think about them, but our bodies hold them.  These blockages can come out in so many different ways.  These can be through dis-ease, anxiety, depression, mental illness, addiction, chronic illness and pain.  With Forensic Healing, the practitioner “investigates” (that’s where the word Forensic comes through), finds the blockages and heals them – permanently.  With this therapy, we go beyond the symptoms to the source of the problem, the core, and deal with it.  Once the source of the problem is dealt with, healing commences immediately.

What You Will Experience in a Consultation

You will be comfortably laying down in a safe and beautiful environment, able to completely relax.  As I work, I sense for energy shifts from you – pointing me to where blockages and traumas have impacted you over your lifetime.  Once I am able to determine the source, I am able to address the issue, relieving stress, pain, and even long-term conditions.  You will feel the shift during the session, but even afterwards, over time, you will know that a positive change has occurred, and the benefits of your session will continue to flow to you over days or even weeks afterward.

Does it Really Work?

Yes.  Absolutely.  The therapy techniques used in Forensic Healing are absolutely effective.  Those who are truly seeking healing will experience it.

Want to know more?  In early 2015, I assisted Marisa Russo, founder of Forensic Healing (and an internationally renowned author, healer and speaker) in teaching of her healing workshop in Los Angeles.  While there, I participated in a live interview (on the radio program “Truth Be Told”) with Marisa.  Together we shared our experience, as did one of the interviewers, who had experienced a healing session himself!  Here’s a video of the interview: